Botulinum Toxin - Botox

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The application of botulinum toxin type A is considered today one of the treatments that offers the best results to eliminate facial wrinkles due to the expression and mimicry of the facial muscles. It activates by inhibiting muscle movement through relaxation.

This effect is intended to make wrinkles disappear, and therefore, provide a more youthful effect.

Main advantages of Botox

  • Activates by relaxing the facial muscles.

  • Treatment for men and women.

  • It has optimal results in facial contouring, giving a more natural appearance than filler products.

  • It can be applied at any time of the year.

  • It is a practically painless technique.

  • Its effects are immediate and last between three and six months.

  • It can only be applied by experienced doctors.

Who can benefit from botulinum toxin?

  • Those young patients with first wrinkles of expression.

  • In elderly people, combined with other therapies such as filler products, offering spectacular results.

Surgical time:

30 minutes

Disability time:


Duration of results:

3 to 4 months

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