imagen principal de Bichectomy

It is generally performed with local anesthesia plus sedation for the patient's tranquility and relaxation. It is indicated for patients with excess fat in the cheek region who have circular features and want to have a more angled profile with a highlight of the cheekbones. There are no visible scars since they are all made on the inside of the mouth. The patient will maintain for five days a liquid diet and must Protect yourself from the sun for thirty days.

Normally, a little edema may occur the day after surgery, however this resolves after a few days. The final result can be seen two months after the intervention, however, from the first week the changes in the features are already visible. Due to the potential for inflammation of this procedure, it is recommended that the patient undergo ultrasound therapy and lymphatic drainage after the first five days.

Surgical time:

2 hours approx

Disability time:

2 days




Local anesthesia plus sedation for the patient's tranquility and relaxation

Duration of results:

10 years