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Ear surgery, better known as otoplasty, corrects the size, shape and position of the ears. For those patients over 7 years old who have winged and/or large ears, this procedure is indicated. It consists of reforming the grooves that are lost in said ear. It is generally performed with local anesthesia plus sedation for the patient's tranquility and relaxation.

It is frequently performed in children, between 7 and 14 years of age, However, this procedure also helps adults. The scars resulting from the surgical incisions are located behind the ear at the level of its fold, making it imperceptible.

After surgery, the patient is placed with a bandage at the level of the ears and is instructed to use an elastic tape for two weeks. Management is individual depending on the needs of each patient. It is recommended not to do strong activities for at least fifteen days. Stitches are removed after approximately 8 days.

Surgical time:

1 - 2 hours approx

Disability time:

2 days




Local or general

Duration of results:


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