imagen principal de Mastopexy

It is the procedure to correct the sagging or ptosis of the breast.

This surgery has several objectives such as relocating the areola and the breast in a higher position. nipple, improve the shape of the breast either by reorganizing the glandular tissue, if this is not enough, by placing a prosthesis to restore the volume.

Depending on the breast anatomy and Depending on the woman's wishes, mastopexy can be done with or without prosthesis.

If there is enough breast tissue and the patient does not want to increase breast volume, reconstruction can be done without using a prosthesis.

If, on the other hand, the breast is If it is somewhat empty and/or the woman desires an increase in size, a silicone prosthesis is implanted in the process.

In either case, the intervention can be completed within a year. adding autologous fat.

Immediately after surgery, the patient will see There will be a change in the appearance of the bust, although it will take a couple of weeks until you notice the final shape.

Surgical time:

2-3 hours approx

Disability time:

10 days




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Normal activities: 1 week / Strong activities: 1 month

Duration of results:


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