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Until several years ago it was thought that stem cells were only located in the bone marrow, but the adipose tissue of the umbilical area (abdomen) is rich in them. With a small liposuction the fat is removed and each cubic centimeter of fat has a million stem cells.

In the laboratory the stem cells are separated. the fat. To activate it, a low-power laser is used to multiply them.

The patient's blood is extracted to obtain plasma and growth factors. These elements, the cells and the plasma, fuse; They are then mixed with a little more fat and injected into the desired area according to the treatment.

But the aesthetic field is not the only one that benefits. In recent years, stem cells have been used in multiple fields of medicine.

It is estimated that a child has 80 million stem cells by the age of 40 years decreases to 35 million stem cells; and at 60 years old you only have about 20 million. The body is losing its regenerative capacity and the idea is to maintain it.

Advantages of stem cells:

  • It is used as regenerative medicine in degenerative diseases
  • It has no side effects
  • The results begin to be seen between 1 week and three months
  • They help diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, immunological diseases, arthritis, etc.
  • In the aesthetic field, hair loss
  • It can be used to fade wrinkles and fill the face and nose

Surgical time:

1-3 hours aprox

Disability time:


Duration of results:


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