imagen principal de Blepharoplasty

Known as blepharoplasty, it can correct sagging upper eyelids and bags in the lower eyelids, which make people appear older and look older. ;s tired of what they really are.

It is generally performed with local anesthesia plus sedation for the patient's tranquility and relaxation. It is indicated for patients who begin to feel exhaustion or tiredness in the eye region. These patients suffer from drooping of the eyebrows and bulging due to excess skin on the upper and lower eyelids, which makes it difficult to open the eyes to a certain degree. In addition to this, a herniation of the fat bags is observed in these patients, which can be seen with the naked eye as bulges in the lower eyelids, which increases the appearance of senile and tired eyesight. Those people who want to recover that freshness and youth without changing the expression of the eyes should undergo this procedure

The incisions are made in such a way that they are very little visible. After surgery the patient can open his eyes normally. Constant placement of cold media is recommended for inflammation. The eyelid suture is removed after 4 days and the eyebrow lift suture is removed after 7 days.

Surgical time:

2 hours approx

Disability time:

5 days






Reading after 2 days, working after 5 and strong exercises after 3 weeks.

Duration of results:

Several years or permanent

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