Hybrid Mammoplasty

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The “hybrid mammoplasty” This is what we have called multipurpose breast surgery. The ideal patients for this procedure are those interested in:

  • Removing the prostheses with capsulotomy if applicable Capsular contracture and pocket cleaning.
  • Definitive removal of prostheses with augmentation through fat infiltration.
  • Reduce the size of the breasts by eliminating fat, gland and excess skin, adapting to the aesthetic and functional requirements of the patient.

In any case we can establish both the size and the position; and breast loss.

We will use a different technique for each patient according to her case. For this reason, the incisions vary and can range from one around the entire areola, a vertical one downwards, a J-shaped one or an inverted T-shaped one.

Usually sutures are placed. absorbable, thus avoiding The patient will be relieved of the discomfort of removing them, however it may be necessary to place certain external stitches which are removed in approximately two weeks.

At the end of the operation the patient will be He places a drain, which is removed in approximately 48 hours, and a medical bra, which must be worn 24 hours a day for a period of approximately 30 days. After this time the patient can return to any physical activity.

Surgical time:

3 hours approx

Disability time:

10 days





Duration of results:


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