Serum Therapy

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Infusion therapy, also known as IV therapy or intravenous (IV) therapy, is a medical procedure in which a liquid solution is administered directly into a person's vein through from an intravenous needle or cannula. This solution may contain a combination of nutrients, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, and is often used for various purposes, including hydration, delivery of specific nutrients, and recovery from certain conditions. medical conditions.

Key Features of Serum Therapy:

  • Rehydration: Serum therapy is commonly used to treat dehydration by giving fluids directly into the bloodstream.
  • Nutrient delivery: Essential nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, can be administered to address nutritional deficiencies or improve overall health.
  • Recovery from fatigue: By rapidly delivering fluids and nutrients, fluid therapy is sometimes used to aid recovery from fatigue, exhaustion, or other conditions. of weakness.
  • Detoxification: In some cases, special serums are used that contain ingredients intended to assist in detoxification processes.
  • Support for specific medical conditions: In certain cases, serum therapy may be part of the treatment for specific medical conditions, such as migraines, gastrointestinal, or for patients who have difficulties absorbing nutrients orally.

What is it for:


1 weekly session