imagen principal de HIFU 7D

In our beauty center, we present you the revolutionary 7D HIFU treatment, an innovative procedure that uses ultrasonic waves to stimulate collagen production in the deepest layers of the skin. This non-invasive approach not only improves firmness and elasticity, but also reveals a youthful glow, giving your face a younger, more radiant appearance.

7D HIFU Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Lifting: This skin lifting device offers a personalized treatment for the face, neck and body, addressing the seven key dimensions of aesthetic transformation.

  • Seven Dimensions of Transformation: From reducing wrinkles and fine lines to lifting brows and defining the jawline, HIFU 7D encompasses a wide range of aesthetic enhancements to revitalize your appearance.

Exceptional Benefits of HIFU 7D:

  • Lifting eyebrows.

  • Redefinition of the facial oval.

  • Improves the aged appearance of the neck and neckline.

  • Skin tightening.

  • Brightness and luminosity on the face.

What is it for:


2 sessions with an interval of 2 months


1 session every 6 months