Facial Cleansing

imagen principal de Facial Cleansing

Facial Hygiene is a basic aspect of aesthetics in itself. itself, since it is important that beautiful and healthy skin must be clean and also because it is the previous and essential step before any other facial or anti-aging treatment. In our Aesthetic Center we offer facial hygiene according to the characteristics and needs of each patient's skin.

Facial Hygiene is the treatment indicated for cleansing, detoxification and balance of the skin. PH of the skin.

The skin of the face is one of the most sensitive and visible areas we have. Having it clean and hydrated is essential for healthy skin.

Main advantages of facial cleansing:

  • Allows oxygenation of the skin
  • Cosmetic products intended to improve the appearance of the skin are more effective
  • Delays the appearance of wrinkles
  • The skin is brighter
  • Helps reduce the appearance of tiredness
  • Eliminates acne and blackheads
  • Skin looks softer and smoother
  • Clean skin accepts and shows makeup better
  • For both women and men

What is it for:


1 monthly


1 monthly