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Cellulite is a chronic and progressive process that currently has no definitive cure, therefore not only do we have to think about a corrective treatment, but also in subsequent maintenance.

The treatment of this aesthetic-functional problem must be treated by doctors, which means that it is not You should receive no treatment without first going to a doctor who will classify you. what type of cellulite it is and what treatment is the most appropriate.

The  is not the same. anti-cellulite treatment in a woman with localized obesity than in one who is thin and there are really severe cases of cellulitis . The treatment of cellulite must be adjusted according to each particular case.

We have many technologies for its treatment; these techniques alone They alone do not ensure the disappearance of cellulite. This must be accompanied by a global treatment that would include, apart from the diagnosis, a correct diet, physical exercise and the treatment of circulatory and digestive problems.

Technology used for this pathology:

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